Timeless, Ellegant and Luxury Wedding Films

with Mediterranean Soul

Timeless, Ellegant and Luxury Wedding Films with Mediterranean Soul

Relive those special moments; that is the essence of Viridiana Wedding Films.

Our videos will forever transport you back to the most special day of your lives, capturing every detail of those special moments for the bride and groom. Crafted with a Mediterranean soul, our videos will capture the unique beauty of your wedding. Your special day will be kept forever in a loving video that you and your friends & family can watch tirelessly on a loop.

At Viridiana, we don’t just make wedding videos; we create personalized, luxury wedding films. With a distinct signature influenced by auteur cinema and inspiring alternative songs, we aim to capture the real emotions, elegance, and style of that particular day.
Our work embodies the personality of the wedding couple and the spirit of the celebration, ensuring it feels personal to you. We place great importance at getting to know you beforehand, so we can understand your tastes and peculiarities, which helps us to customize your film to match the wedding of your dreams.

We commit to a limited number of weddings each year because we believe in quality over quantity. This exclusivity allows us to focus on every detail, to tell your story in an incredible and meticulously crafted manner.

 Behind Viridiana is Alberto Galán, a director and fashion photographer from Spain with over 10 years of experience. Alberto has travelled all over the world which has helped inspire the work he creates and enriches every frame he captures. Working as a destination videographer, he leverages his creative skills to bring joy to others, making each wedding film a unique piece of art with a Mediterranean style.